Cisco WS-C2960S-F48TS-S Switch (USED)

Product Number : WS-C2960S-F48TS-S (USED)
Brand :

WS-C2960S-F48TS-S (USED) Cisco Switch 2960 features:


  • Feature Set : LAN Lite
  • Uplink Interfaces : 2 x SFP GE uplinks
  • Ports : 48 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports
  • DRAM : 128 MB
  • Flash memory : 64 MB

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WS-C2960S-F48TS-S (USED) Switch Overview


Cisco Catalyst 2960-SF Series Switch
48 * 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports and 2 SFP GE uplinks
Basic Layer 2 features in LAN lite image and no stacking option
Support for Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations features, including Smart Install and Auto Smartports
128MB memory (DRAM) and 64MB flash

Cisco WS-C2960S-F48TS-S switch is enterprise-class layer 2 switch for branch and midsize campus applications. It enables reliable and secure network access with feature the lower total cost of ownerships. Cisco WS-C2960S-F48TS-S switch comes with 48 Fast ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit SFP uplinks for multiswitch depolyments. This product support catalyst switch smart operations – a collection of time-saving features that address common network administration activities. Smart Install accelerates deployment by allowing switches to be automatically upgraded and configured by the network without the need to manually provision to a console connection. Auto smart ports detects when a new device such as an IP phone or Wireless Access point is connected to the switch and then automatically apply settings optimized for that device type, this eliminates the need to configure the switch when devices are added or moved. The switch also supports energy wise for monitoring and managing the energy consumption of connected devices. Finally management of 2960SF switch is supported by Cisco network assistant – a free application that simplifies configuration and troubleshooting. In summary, 2960SF series a Fast Ethernet provides reliable and secure network access with features the lower total cost of ownership.

WS-C2960S-F48TS-S (USED) Specification

Cisco catalyst WS-C2960S-F48TS-S, 48 FastEthernet 10/100, 2 SFP GE uplinks, LAN lite image, managable

Purchase value from the sellers point of view
    Switch type


    Switch series

    2960 Series

    Switch layer

    Layer 2


    48 Ports

    Ports speed


    Power over Ethernet (PoE)



    • Performance and efficiency
    • build quality
    • worth making
    • Durability

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