Cisco WS-3850-12XS-E Switch

Product Number : WS-C3850-12XS-E Catalyst 3850 Switch SFP+
Brand :

Cisco WS-3850-12XS-E Switch features:

  • 12 SFP/SFP
  • 1G/10G
  • IP Services
  • Wireless controller
  • managed
  • stackable

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WS-C3850-12XS-E Overview

WS-C3850-12XS-E switch provides 12 ports 10Gbps SFP connection with upgradeable IP services image and build in wireless controller provide fully convergence between wired and wireless on a single platform. It only supports 4 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet network module uplinks option.

Quick Specs

Figure 1 shows the appearance of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3850-12XS-E.

WS-C3850-12XS-E Appearance

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product Code WS-C3850-12XS-E
Enclosure Type 1 RU
Feature Set IP Service
Network SFP uplink module selection C3850-NM-4-10G
Ports 12 x 10/100/1000 10G SFP Optical ports
Maximum stacking number 9
Stack bandwidth 480 Gbps
Forwarding Performance 227.28Mpps
Switching Capacity 320Gbps
Flash Memory 4 GB
Dimensions 44.5 cm x 45.0 cm x 4.45 cm

Product Details

Figure 2 shows the front panel of the WS-C3850-12XS-E.

WS-C3850-12XS-E Front Panel


UID (blue beacon) USB Type A storage port
Mode button 12 ports of 10G SFP
Status LEDs Network SFP uplink module slot
USB mini-Type B (console) port

· The switch supports one hot-swappable network module that provides uplink ports to connect to other devices. The switch should only be operated with either a network module or a blank module installed.

Figure 3 shows the back panel of the WS-C3850-12XS-E switch.

WS-C3850-12XS-E Back Panel


Ground connector StackWise port connector
CONSOLE (RJ-45 console port) StackPower connector
Fan module Power supply modules
MGMT port

Figure 4 shows the StackWise-480 and StackPower connectors.

IP service feature set can only stack with other Catalyst 3850 Series IP service switches. Power stack capacity is supported by Cisco Stackpower technology to provide power redundancy among stacking members.


The Modules and Accessories

Table 2 shows some recommended modules and accessories of this switch.

Models Description
C3850-NM-4-10G Cisco 3850 Series 4 x 10GE Network Module
PWR-C1-350WAC Cisco 3850 Series Power Supply 350W AC
PWR-C1-350WAC/2 Cisco 3850 Series Secondary Power Supply 350W AC Config 1 Secondary Power Supply
STACK-T1-50CM= Cisco StackWise-480 50cm stacking cable for Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switch
STACK-T1-1M= Cisco StackWise-480 1m stacking cable for Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switch

Compare to Similar Items

Table 3 shows the comparison between WS-C3850-12XS-E and WS-C3850-12S-E.

Models WS-C3850-12XS-E WS-C3850-12S-E
Feature Set IP Service IP Service
Ports 12 ports of 10G SFP Ethernet fiber

connection with Flexible Netflow feature

12 ports of SFP Ethernet fiber

connection with Flexible Netflow feature

Network SFP

uplink module selection

C3850-NM-4-10G C3850-NM-4-1G


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