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Ethernet cables have become a widely used technology in many industries. The introduction of Ethernet cables has dramatically improved the speed and quality of data transfer between two or more computers.

Because of its high bandwidth, Ethernet cables transfer large amounts of data, such as video and images. These cables are also used to transmit voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls from one device to another.

We offer a wide selection of Ethernet cables that are compatible with most brands of routers, modems, and switches.

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We have a wide selection of Ethernet cables and network cables to choose from. We have what you need if you’re looking for twisted pair, coaxial, or fiber-optic cabling! We as network devise store carry various brands and types of cable, so you can be sure to get the best deal possible on your next purchase. In the following, we will read the types of cables together.

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Buy Ethernet Cables

Twisted Pair Cabling

Twisted pair cables use two different colored pairs of wires to transmit data at high speeds between two points on a network. This cable type is typically used in home networks or large business environments where speed and distance are not as important as cost savings or ease of installation (like would be valid with fiber-optic cables).

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is the most common type of twisted pair cabling. UTP has three pairs of copper wire twisted together so they can be extended without breaking.

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) has four pairs of copper wire twisted together, which shields them from interference from electromagnetic waves from other sources.

Foiled Twisted Pairs

The third type of Twisted Pair cable is foil-enclosed twisted pair (FEP). These cables have a metal wire wrapped in a thin layer of plastic or foil, which acts as an insulator and prevents electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial Cabling

Coaxial cabling is a type of networking cable that uses coaxial cable components. In other words, it’s a twisted pair cable with an outer sheath of insulation and an inner conductor surrounded by a steel sleeve. The coaxial cables are commonly used for transmitting audio and video signals over long distances. They are also used to connect satellite dishes to receivers or to provide Internet service to homes and businesses.

Fiber-Optic Cabling

Fiber-optic cabling comprises a bundle of optical fibers that transmit data at the speed of light through glass or plastic to prevent it from being affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI). It can be used to send digital information over short or long distances between computers, printers, routers, servers, and various other devices such as scanners, cameras, and televisions. Fiber optic cables have already replaced copper wire in most settings where high bandwidths are required.

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Categories for Ethernet cables

Categories for Ethernet cables
Categories for Ethernet cables

We sell Ethernet cables for every type of cable you might need. You can buy CAT5e Ethernet cables, CAT6 Ethernet cables, CAT6a Ethernet cables, CAT7/CAT7a Ethernet cables, and even CAT8 Ethernet cables from us.

Our products are made with the highest quality materials available, so you know they’ll work well in your network.

Buy CAT5e Ethernet cables

The most common type of Ethernet cable is CAT5e. It is a thin, flexible cable that can be used for transferring data over short distances. This cable type best suits home networks, small businesses, and enterprise applications.

Buy CAT6 Ethernet cables

CAT6 Ethernet cables is another type that can be used to connect computers together over long distances. The maximum length of CAT6 is 100 meters . If you need to extend your network beyond this distance, it would be wise to use CAT6a or CAT7 instead.

Buy CAT6a Ethernet cables

Cat6a is an upgraded version of Cat 6 that performs better than its predecessor. It has a higher bandwidth than its older brother but still supports up to 1000 Mbps data transfer rates over shorter distances than Cat 6.

Buy CAT7 Ethernet cables

CAT7 Ethernet cables are mainly used for home networks, offices, and other similar places where there is a need for high-speed connectivity. The data transfer rate of these cables is up to 1000 Mbps, making them eligible for use. However, there are some restrictions that you should know about before buying any cable, as it can affect your network performance.

For example, if you are using a CAT6 cable, you should use a crossover cable with an RJ45 connector to enable higher speeds between two devices connected.

Buy CAT8 Ethernet cables

These Ethernet cables were developed to provide faster speeds than CAT7/CAT7a Ethernet cables. The data transfer rate of these cables is up to 10Gbps, making them suitable for servers or even switches with multiple ports. If you have such devices, you might need to consider buying CAT8 Ethernet cables as they will offer high-speed connectivity between them and other devices connected to them.

All clear? So why wait, Go and buy Ethernet cable!

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Ethernet Cable price in UAE

Ethernet cables are a critical component of wired networks and essential to any computer setup. In the United Arab Emirates, the average price of an Ethernet cable is around $10 for a 1-meter cable and around $20 for a 5-meter cable.

Higher quality or longer cables can cost more. It is important to choose a cable that is compatible with your network and of good quality, as it can help to ensure optimal connection speeds and consistent performance. Prices can vary depending on the location and supplier, so it is best to shop for the best deal.

CAT 6 cable price in UAE

CAT 6 cable prices in the UAE can vary from store to store and manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally speaking, CAT 6 cable prices in the UAE are quite affordable and range from $5 to $40, depending on the length and quality of the cable. Cable quality is an important factor to consider when selecting the right cable for a specific application.

At the lower end of the price range, CAT 6 cables are sufficient for basic networking applications, such as connecting two computers. In contrast, more expensive cables may be necessary for more advanced applications. It is also important to note that some retailers may offer special discounts, so it is always worth checking around before making a purchase.

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Network Cable shop Near me

Finding a network cable shop near me in the UAE is quite simple and straightforward. To start, use an online search engine to find local network cable shops in your area.

Once you have a list of shops, read through the reviews and ratings to get an idea of each shop’s service. You can contact the shop directly to ask questions about the products they carry, the quality of their cables, and the type of customer service they provide.

It is also possible to compare prices between shops to get the best deals. Finally, consider the shop’s location to make sure it is convenient for you to visit. With a little bit of research, you can easily find a reliable network cable shop near you in the UAE.

Best Place to Buy Ethernet Cables in Dubai

This vibrant city has many great places to find quality Ethernet cables. There are a variety of great options out there, ranging from online stores to physical shops. You can find great deals on a wide range of ethernet cables, whether you’re looking for Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7, or Fiber Optic cables.

you can find specialized stores that offer custom-made cables for your particular needs. If you’re looking for more personalized service, you can always find stores that specialize in ethernet cables like Dgit, as well as knowledgeable staff who can help you make the right decision. No matter where you decide to shop, make sure to compare prices and quality.

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We hope you’ve found this post helpful. We know that it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what Ethernet cables are, so we’ll give you some quick tips to get started:

-Know the difference between Cat5e and Cat6: The first number in the category is how many wires there are in your cable, while the second number represents how many times they’re twisted together. Cat6 is better at transferring data and will work with newer devices than Cat5e, but it’s not quite as flexible as Cat5e.

-Get the right length: Your maximum length for an Ethernet cable should be 100 meters (328 feet). If you’re looking to connect more than one device at once, you may need a longer cable, but it’s important not to get too long! The last thing you want is for one of your devices to disconnect from another because of poor connectivity or other issues that could be fixed by adding another device or moving them farther away from each other.

If you want to buy Ethernet cable in bulk that will work for your needs, we at dgit.ae offer a wide range of options at reasonable prices, so anyone can afford them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question about buying a router.

why ethernet cable is used?

To provide an internet connection, and connect devices to a local network.

which ethernet cable to buy?

We have a wide selection of Ethernet cables and network cables to choose from. We have what you need if you’re looking for twisted pair, coaxial, or fiber-optic cabling.

where to buy ethernet cable?

you can always find stores that specialize in ethernet cables like Dgit, as well as knowledgeable staff who can help you make the right decision.